Come Join Us at the Market…

Weeklong we await breakfast. What to order? What to try? To join us, go to the 2nd St. Market. Look for the Black Rooster Breakfast Pasta Bar. There experience a dining delight — the freshest ingredients, lovingly prepared. Breakfasts (omelettes, stuffed French toasts) AND lunches (pastas, bruschettas)become mouth-watering memories. Want to stretch it? Take home a frozen gourmet selection, the white-truffle’d potatoes w/Pecarino Romano will make you a hero in your own kitchen. Stretch it further by having the Black Rooster Gourmet Italian ( “do” your next party. These chefs know their business: they cater to good taste.

A very kind comment from our good customer,

Lucy Perez.


Thank You, Lucy!

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