The Fruit Of Our Labor!!!!

We Have Zucchini!

We are growing some great vegetables and herbs in the

McPherson Town Community Garden!

We look forward to serving you these local veggies at the Pasta Bar!

Maximo Rang the Bell!

Ok, so my boy Maximo came by the Pasta Bar,

ordered up a nice plate of Pasta Rossa.

He Loved It!

…So He Rang The Bell!

Who will be next to follow’s Maximo’s Genius Move?

This Weekend! Grand Opening Celebration of Pasta Bar!

Come and Visit the 2nd Street Market

this weekend for our

Grand Opening Celebration!

Enjoy one of our freshly sauteed pasta dishes

and receive



We appreciate our customers and

hope to see you this weekend!

Love Pasta & Crave Hot Wings

Come Visit the Pasta Bar


First Fridays Tomorrow Night or Saturday

and Enjoy Our Pasta of the Day!

Pasta ‘Ryan’

Now I know you are probably asking why it isn’t named

something ‘catchy’ like

‘Hot Stuff’ Pasta or ‘Man That’s Hot’ Pasta.

Well, a very good little customer named Ryan

told me of his love for both dishes…

so what’s a Chef gonna do!

The dish is alfredo with wing sauce, herb roasted chicken breast, topped with Bleu Cheese Crumbles & Garnished with Crisp Celery!

Come & Enjoy…And Thank little Ryan Later!

See You At The Market!

Mark Your Calendars! October Is Garlic Month At The 2nd Street Market!

Chef Dana has been asked to do

a culinary presentation on October 7th all about



Her menu presentation includes…

Roasted Garlic & Pomodoro Cream Mussels

Mista Salad with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

The Perfect Pasta Aglio e Olio

Teguila & Garlic Flank Steak

More details will be available by

Five Rivers Metroparks.

Hot & Hungry? You Need Pasta Freddo!

Looking for a hearty lunch but without the heat?

Try our chef’s special, Pasta Freddo!

Chilled pasta with fresh mozzarella, chicken/sun dried tomato/provolone sausage, spinach, peppers in a pesto sauce.

Very refreshing and satisfying!

Want this but want it hot…


Why Would You Go To The Pasta Bar For Breakfast?

Fresh Antipasto Skewers with Fresh Spring Vegetables & Fruits!

Looking for a little more?

Yes, we still have more!

Try Our Breakfast Frittata!

We Start Serving Breakfast Every Saturday at 8am.

See you there!